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Best Stock Brokers in India 2021. Best Intraday Trading Platforms 2021

India is the fastest developing country. The import and export of it are highly increased in few decades. Now it is being shifted from being a consumer to a producer. A part of this economy is also the stock exchange which is one of the pillars of the economy.

But the knowledge and awareness of stocks, funds, securities, etc is very rare in the citizens of India. One can earn an enormous amount of money from this. This is not rocket science. Trading is referred to buying and selling of securities such as stocks, real estate, gold, etc.

People every day invest lakhs of rupees purchasing securities and later face a loss. They don't understand the market they simply think it's a matter of luck. This isn't a matter of luck but it requires a lot of studying and patience to get profited.

Once you started analyzing the market you will get to know that it has a kind of pattern and you can easily find a way to make a profit. Getting knowledge is not enough, you will have to choose a brokerage firm as you cannot directly deal with stock exchanges.

Once you choose a brokerage firm it will do all the work required to make you eligible to trade. With your broker and your knowledge, you are all set to trade in securities and make profits for yourself. 

You can use the mobile trading apps of the brokerage which is now available in almost every brokerage. The establishment of mobile trading apps has boomed the number of users of brokers for trading and investing.

The user can easily find the stocks and check the livestock market updates. You can watch the historical charts of the stocks and seamlessly buy or sell your securities. 

Benefits of using a trading app

1. Ease of placing an order:

You can easily place your order where you want in just a few clicks on your mobile. It is very easy for traders for doing their work.

2. Live market data and portfolio:

Users can easily be updated by the live data of the market including stocks, commodities, and currency. A user can easily review their portfolio and make changes to it in no time. 

3. Notification facilities:

This application sends the notification of your portfolio changes other than brokerage. You only have to set the notification and in no time it will send you a message about a slight change in your portfolio. 

4. Historical charts and analysis:

Several trading applications offer historical stock prices, indices data, and other analytical tools. 

Although India has lots of trading apps in the market. I have mentioned some of the best apps according to user reviews. 

1. Upstox

It is India based stock broking company. Upstox has headquarters in Delhi. It offers the user to invest and trade in stocks, commodities, funds, and derivatives. It has ensured full transparency to consumers in pricing. It takes zero brokerage on delivering equity. After being founded in 2010 several institutions and investors invested in this company because of which it is nearly touching the valuation of 3 billion dollars. Kalaari capitals and Ratan Tata is among the investors behind upstox. The main principle of the company is to make trading in the stock market easy and affordable for all. 

2. Groww

An online investing platform that offers users to invest in stocks and mutual funds. Headquartered in Bangalore it was established by Neeraj Singh, Harsh Jain, Ishan Bansal, and Lalit Keshre the former employees of Flipkart in 2016. It was first a mutual fund investment platform later it added the trading options. In just five years of service, the company has been unicorn by touching the valuation of 1 billion dollars. It offers its consumers to invest and Trade funds and stocks with very ease. 

3. Angel one

Angel one is a part of angel broking services which was founded in 1996. The company is a member of both the Bombay stock exchange and the national stock exchange. It jas more than 900 franchises around India. Under them, they have 8,500 sub-brokers. It has been one of the best-renowned brokers of Indian stock exchanges. For their services, they have been awarded many times. One of the safest and best brokerages of India. Customer ratings of the company are extremely great. 

4. Motilal Oswal

One of the oldest brokerages of India Motilal Oswal is among the top financial services institutions. It was established by Motilal Oswal in 1987. Along with being a broker, the company is listed on BSE and NSE. Along with trading Motilal Oswal also deals with home finance and mutual funds. It is considered as one of the important and biggest brokers of BSE and NSE. 

5. Zerodha

The biggest brokerage institution of India according to a number of customers. It was founded on the 15th of August in 2010 in Bangalore. It has active users of 5 million. It is the largest retail stockbroker in India. Over 15% of daily retail trading is done through Zerodha across all Indian stock exchanges. It offers the service of equity trading, currency trading, commodity trading, mutual funds, and bonds as well. It is also the safest broker on Indian stock exchanges. 

Although, you choose the best broker the profit will be made based on your skills in analyzing the market and patience. You should acknowledge yourself with the appropriate and right information and then start investing in trading with smaller risks at first.